7 Huge Benefits of Article Marketing

Have you ever thought about why article marketing is such a profound and effective way to promote your business? When I started working in my company I didn’t know about the concept of article marketing – as a tactic to market – however, I was aware that in order to get my name out there in the big wide world I had to find ways to demonstrate my skills and get noticed over a broader geographical area than my local coffee shop. My clients might not all be from my home town.

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  1. An area for entrepreneurs to meet.the Coffee Shop was the hip place to hang out in my hometown and in the cities of the world that were part of my work community. I could meet and conduct business with anyone, even if they didn’t be aware that I was working remotely. If I would say “Hello, I’m in the Coffee Shop,” I could meet people and establish connections. Many found me, and became friends via articles they read online.
  2. Strategies that can be of interest to entrepreneurs –To create the network of people who are willing to meet me, my name was “on the tip of their tongue”. I achieved this through writing for magazines and trade journals.Free of charge. My signature and by-line at the end of the article were my sole benefits from writing those articles. The pay off was enormous.
  3. How to manage Intense Growth Curvesthe most significant increase in my business would be when a magazine hit the market, especially if I dubbed my way onto the cover slot. Everybody would contact me, seeking my work, and even other magazines. I started writing articles in mass and had a few ready to the next call. I was able to build relationships with editors of magazines and gain more clients. I was also capable of hiring people to do the task while I wrote the articles. This was a huge win! This is my absolute favorite aspect of my job.
  4. How to Establish Your Management Team’s First Team –The management team of the first meeting met at the coffee shop early in June to have coffee and donuts. The most difficult part of the day was filling them with donuts. The most effective advice was from an undergrad. Executive who is now my Business Partner “You should spend more time writing articles and let the technology take over the work. That’s what you are good at.
  5. Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurial DevelopmentSometimes, it’s crucial to give different members of your team the opportunity to assume leadership roles. There isn’t a single leader. You can have one person who excels in writing marketing copy and another good at reading it. Each of these people are able to meet their leadership objectives in their specific areas. Bring on entrepreneurs who can share the leadership responsibility on your teams. Every leader on the team must have their own personal article list.
  6. Coping Skills for Lonely Entrepreneurs –Coffee Shop. Seriously I’m on an order to get coffee at the local cafe every Thursday at 9 am – all local entrepreneurs know that ‘it’s an occasion’. The Coffee Shop on Thursday mornings is a great spot to get together with your acquaintances and obtain a copy review, an edit to your article or motivational, encouraging, or just a little bit of cheerleadership to get you through the day. I don’t think I’ve ever been at a table by myself. We’ve all sat at the table and worked on projects. It’s worked. Make a schedule and then leave a signboard at the coffee shop. Some coffee shops will permit you to put it in their front windows. Entrepreneurs Invited!
  7. Case Studies & Traits of Successful Entrepreneursregardless of whether you work at your home, at the coffee shop, or hang out in the Main Street centric office, having access to the traits and case studies pertinent to your field is crucial. You can find a variety of articles related to your industry online. But, you’ll be required to do your own research to assess the worth of any case studies.

Article marketing , whether written or reading them are relevant to what you do. If you don’t have any articles in your field Be an expert in your industry and write them.

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