John Kerry, the New Snow Shoveler

I usually don’t laugh at someone’s accident. In fact, I’m usually extremely compassionate. But I laughed at today’s news. I started the day with a smile. Just thinking about it will make you laugh all day long.
It seems that no one can escape the order that Boston Mayor Martin Walsh imposes a $ 50 fine on anyone who leaves snow on the sidewalk in front of his house or company. Secretary of State John Kerry was no exception.
The fact that Kelly was in Saudi Arabia at a funeral with King Abdullah’s President Obama when the blizzard poured two feet of snow into his city was reported by authorities at 0 9:45 because they did not clean the snow. Did not stop imposing a $ 50 fine on him. From the side of his Beacon Hill mansion. Visit:-
Maybe Kelly was poor and wasn’t a famous diplomat like the title of a former senator and a U.S. presidential candidate, he ran away in a letter from a doctor and talked about how sick he was in bed. Lying down But some things work against him.
It was too familiar in the first place. Second, he lives in an expensive mansion on Beacon Hill. Third, why was he so ill that he was in bed during a snowstorm and received a letter from a doctor saying he had a picture of him while walking down the street? ?? ?? The scorching sun of Saudi Arabia that day?
If Kelly can afford to live in her mansion, especially Beacon Hill’s mansion, she will continue to make arrangements with various businesses such as her landscaping and snowmobile companies to share her property.

I think I own it. All kinds of weather. .. For overage charges, your reasons will be taken care of all year round, whether you were in a residence or not. How can I live in a mansion with many employees? No one has seen your property covered in snow and had to be removed before someone slipped and broke his neck.
It would be great without foresight, but some people in the house looked out the window and caught the eye of someone who had the authority to arrange snow removal.
Of course, the payer cleared the sidewalk on Thursday morning, but if we run the country that way just by cleaning up the trash, instead of expecting it, our country does. It’s no wonder it’s a difficult situation. N lamp.
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