The Beauty of Stingrays

I dreamed of an arrow again. I’ve never thought of the area of ​​the arrow as an important animal, but I think I’ve never noticed it because of its constant presence in my dreams. I think that the iron is a curious creature. They are very common. They can be found almost anywhere in the ocean, near the coast, in the depths of the ocean, buried in the ocean floor, or flying in the water. They are very easy to find and very common to see, but nonetheless no one thinks about them. Perhaps it’s their general personality that makes them not give a lasting impression to the viewer. It tends to cling to narwhal’s memory rather than an arrow. I myself am guilty of this crime. And the more I dream of them, the more I see them about who they really are.
The part of the arrow has a beauty not found in other marine animals or anywhere else. A kind of unique beauty not found in the sea-dwelling companions, the intelligence of dolphins, the splendor of whales, or the simplicity and variety of all kinds of fish. Mantra rays have a rare gift. It is a blessing that distinguishes the existence of mantras and is different from all other marine animals. Visit:-

Arrows can fly.
At first you shouldn’t feel it intriguing or unique. After all, many beings on Earth can fly. There are even sea fish that have allowed nature to carry wings. But the gift of the arrow is different. They can fly, it’s true, but the real beauty and splendor of their flight is that they fly underwater.
His whole body seems to have been designed for this purpose. They look like they were made of water wings and puncture wounds. It’s a shame that everyone is paying attention only to puncture wounds. If you see an arrow, you usually avoid it. We consider arrows to be sea bees and are ready to stab you with their sword-like stab wounds if you dare to interfere with their swim. But what we didn’t notice, and what surprised me most about the rays of the arrow, was that they flew, not swam. We are so worried about puncture wounds that we don’t notice the rest of the arrow. We are unaware of their gifts. They can fly underwater! And they do it with such elegance, with dignity and tranquility that it instills peace in the soul. This is the beauty of the arrow area. They can inspire your mind if you just look, if you let them breathe, let go, fly, and let them learn how to do it.
I have seen stingrays of various sizes, colors and types. I saw them buried in the bottom of the sea, mixing with sand and flying in the water. Every time I see them enjoying the waves as they play, they give me joy. They like surfing. It’s amazing to see them almost smile every time they catch a big roaring wave landing and every time they see how they return to the ocean to catch another wave. Please please my heart. I see myself in them. Its joy and freedom when the waves lift them into the air and inject life as they rise in the water. I wish I could keep up with them as they left the shore and went deep into the ocean.
But I was also afraid of arrows. I also dreamed of feeling a puncture wound. The horror of seeing it in clear water for the first time fades when you see it spreading its wings in the waves, and you can see it flying like a butterfly in the water. I touched them. Her body is very soft and smoother than water. I polished their puncture wounds, which are hard and sharp and very different from the rest of their body. I have always respected their puncture wounds, I never dreamed of disturbing them, and they seem happy enough to share their waves with me. They are proud of their surfing skills and want to show how it is done.

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