How Numbers Can Change Your Life

Many people ask us which spiritual and metaphysical books we recommend.

There are numerous grains of truth, wisdom, and inspiration contained in this book. They’re in almost all of the metaphysical books, and in particular the top-selling books. It is expected that readers bought them because of the content, not only because they were written by an author who is famous or had excellent marketing and public relations. We’d like to believe so.

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We would much rather generate positive Karma (how we are selfish!) instead of guiding you into a trap of illusion just to make money quickly.

If you’re just beginning to learn about metaphysics, or simply would like to have a more thorough understanding of it, we recommend books that provide objective coverage of the basicsof metaphysics, including the concept of reincarnation and personal karma, fate, destiny (same as fate in our view), and meditation, to name a few. An understanding of basic numerology, astrology, and other tools for self-discovery can be extremely beneficial, however only having a small understanding of any esoteric discipline could be more harmful than beneficial If you don’t develop and depend more on your intuition.

Why are these topics so important? They are fundamental to numerous major non-Western spiritual philosophies, religions and religious practices. Once you are aware of the inner workings of these sacred subjects your life and the world around you will begin to make more sense.

We suggest works from the 1600s AD or modern-day more non-biased interpretations. We like some kinds of analysis of personality that utilize modern psychological astrology or numerology. However, the majority of modern methods are subjective and creative , and therefore ineffective.

Whatever title you choose, beware if an author’s ideas and beliefs deny the concept of karma and fate, and he or she refuses to accept that different amounts of personal adversity is necessary for spiritual growth.

Imagine! The seemingly unavoidable trials you’ve had involving finances, your health or even loved ones, families or a boss ultimately resulted in you being an enlightened person. Who would have believed it possible to be thankful for these experiences and that they served your needs perfectly?

Too many of the famous authors of the New Age and spiritual arena exclude discussions or even a mention of the hard truths of spirituality such as those involving the not-so-fun parts of life and those relating to your spiritual checks and balances.

It could be that they aren’t aware of the significance of the concepts or haven’t studied them. Perhaps it’s because fate and karma greatly contradict with the primary concepts of their books, at times even making their assertions or methods to success completely untrue.

Personally, we believe that we are obligated to our clients and readers to openly discuss fate, karma, and other metaphysical concerns. There is a chance that we may lose prospective clients who aren’t willing to discuss the truths of these topics However, as people benefit over the long run with the awareness we are often thanked afterward. We are simply sharing the results from over 20 years of empirical research with no agenda or with no a stifling marketing framework.

Below are some quotations from a variety of popular metaphysical and spiritual writers and teachers, with our comments to show you how, in our well conducted opinions, they’re deceiving people.

“Life is supposed to be beneficial for you. You can be, do, or get anything you wish for.”

You can immediately live an effortless life of luxury and ease by simply buying this book. It’s pure fantasies and wishful thinking. It’s impossible to attain the ideal, and those who try to sell it are either delusional or are trying to earn money off the people who believe in it.

“Did you be aware that you hold the ability to end all of the struggles in your life?”

Yes, change your thinking and all your problems will vanish! This is because of an undiscovered (New Age) spiritual formula otherwise known as denial and self-delusion. The way you look at your life’s circumstances could make a difference, but it will not permit you to avoid the karma set in motion prior to your birth, or side-step important, challenging life circumstances that serve to strengthen your soul.

“Inside the inside, everything you need to succeed in your life can be found here.”

This book’s last page has one word in bolded font size 17: “Sucker!” In reality, there aren’t magic-bullet solutions to life’s complexities as many realize (or will realize, in time).

“…will help you learn how to fulfill your goals so that you’re living the joyful and satisfying life you deserve. …It’s your right as a child to live a life filled with all that is wonderfuland this book will help you to make it so all the way!”

We’ve said many times before that every person has a different birthright and isn’t entitled to anything they did not earn in an karmic sense. The belief is that all things are good. There would be no “bad” without “good.”

We’re half-expecting to soon be reading New Age books making promises such as “You are entitled to overcome the need to defecate” and “It’s your right as a human being to be alive and energetic without being able to sleep again!”

“The universe of endless possibilities awaits you.”

It’s not true. What’s waiting for you is what your soul thought of before you came into existence and that could conflict with what your ego-self (personality) desires.

“…Allows you to control your key emotions in order to fulfill your dream.”

To attain what you want, “balancing your emotions” isn’t enough. It’s as if you smile in a sincere way with the intention of finding the true happiness. Your destiny isn’t an end goal It’s not “the dream life” with all the aspects of romantic and material success, and it’s only sometimes what you decide to decide to do. Your soul decides your destiny, not your conscious mind.

Ironic, but the title of this book has the term “destiny” and the writer isn’t sure what it refers to. The ever-present meaning of the word”destiny” since early times has been linked to it since ancient times, when people began predicting our personal fate.

“…Helps you to connect with the endless and natural flow of wealth. You can tap into this flow forever. You deserve to live the life you want to live, complete with confidence, freedom, and flow.

How can you build your wealth for the duration of time? We teach, such as in our Direct Your Destiny e-package, how to make the most of your life. We believe you do have the freedom to pursue destined goals, and those which are in line with your karmic and fated plan. According to our research we have not heard of any New Age or spiritual authors that directly or indirectly contributed to the making of billionaires. Today there are certainly many millionaire snake oil salespeople, or, we mean, New Age inspirational authors. There are personal limitations in life and you can’t reach any particular goal unless it’s your fate to reach it. It’s hard to believe even if you’ve done as much objective research on this subject. It is impossible to ignore the amazing relationships between past life regression and the personal fate. This can be aided by a well-trained intuition as well as comprehensive chart of numerology and astrology.

“Life is beautiful. It doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s possible to live in a bright universe. Your life may be as you imagine.”

We all agree that life is amazing in the sense that if you’re able to think with a big imagination you are able to envision anything you want. Indeed imagination is a powerful tool for bridging the gap between dreams and reality. However, those dreams won’t be realized unless they’re an integral part of your path. The positive side is that when you’re centered and grounded (regular meditation is helpful), you will naturally be drawn towards your goals and desires that are meant for you.

“One’s positive thoughts can be powerful magnets to draw wealth, health and happiness.”

This excerpt is from one of the biggest selling metaphysical books that was published in the last few years. The book has been mentioned in earlier posts.

This simplistic spiritual view which ignores the conflicting spiritual laws and rules, is unjust. It suggests that those who are affected by natural disasters, or who die in plane crashes should have less positive thinking.

They are selling their souls to Satan in order to earn a quick buck. We think that the majority of them are out to help others. ), but just beware of life-altering assertions. It is possible to get caught up in it if it seems too good to be actually be true.

Hey, we’re in the business of inspiring you with lots of ideas but if it’sn’t grounded in truth that is spiritual, ultimately it’s not going be for your greatest good. Are you able to see the reason why the New Age has earned a bad reputation?

Commercially-corrupted versions of spirituality are hot sellers because the packaging is captivating, the marketing is powerful, instantaneous credibility is given to almost anyone who appears in mainstream media, a sheep-herd mentality exists, and people have always looked for immediate gratification and quick fixes.

This is the most fascinating question we are all pondering in our minds. The question is troubling no matter how successful or practical we may be in our lives. Many who have achieved success by sheer determination and hard work have the odd sensation at timesthat something mysterious and unfathomable happens to our lives. We call it destiny.

We can now decide if we are in control of destiny or that mysterious element drives us, is debatable. The arguments of those who believe we have the power to control all variables and that man has the ability to choose his destiny is right. They believe that fate is predetermined and we have no control over it. The views of the former could be scientifically proven as valid evidence supported by statistics with some exceptions. On the other hand do not have mass statistics to show that numbers influence and impact lives of the people. In this essay I will show that the fate of the world is real and we can place ourselves in relation to it. It is possible to alter the order of things in a mathematical juxtaposition. In this case, the path or itinerary is able to be selected.

Occult science is difficult to comprehend for many readers. They can be described as complex, subjective and verbose. Numerology is a particular area that appears to be a bit complicated. In reality, it is indeed very simple. There are two approaches to this: follow the guidance with confidence from a good source, or, be rational, and get the answer to the question ‘Why’ If you aren’t convinced, simply reject it at that point before proceeding further.

I recommend to adhere to this advice in confidence, but consult a competent numerologist. You’re aware that in order to explain an idea or a concept there’s a clear sequence of thoughts that flow through the three phases: what, why, how and when. The main point is “What”. The three other elements are used to justify and back the proposition in terms viability financially, if it is the result of a business plan or other elements. There could be a fresh idea, a plan to expand operations by entering new markets, forming a new company or division, launching an entirely new brand, a new marketing campaign or a catchy slogan or deciding on a suitable name for your new baby. These activities all share one feature in common. It is necessary to have a name in order to distinguish and identify that entity. A new entity will be established and requires an identity to exist and function. Names are made up of letters. The numbers are represented with letters.

This is the same issue. What can I do to control my destiny?

There are two options. Just don’t believe this and decide whatever you think is right for your new venture or your baby’s first birthday. Or, wait. Consider an implicit grammar rule that states names are written in various ways, as long as the pronunciation is not distorted. It is normal to write brands and names in various ways. For example, Abhijit Gopal and Abhijeet Gopal are not identical in the context of numerology. Similar to a brand name, Quick, can also be written as Quik, but with different connotation.

Do you believe these changes actually affect anything? They certainly do, I’m sure. This is the most important choice we can make in our lives. It is even more important than a well-crafted business plan and a unique name for your baby that means something wonderful. These names can be a huge sum of numbers that is what makes them strong, generous and powerful, as well as fortunate, neutral or unlucky in certain cases.

In accordance with the final number of the name, there are different routes. This could be seen as what we call destiny. That’s to me, an unending track that we go through the course of time. This is also true for a product or company etc. It’s what the numbers denote and a single letter could create a different path from the others.

The name of Indian famous, Shah Rukh Khan for instance, adds up to a very lucky number. It is clear that luck plays a crucial role in showbiz, more so than in other industries.

A leopard will not show its full potential if it is kept in cages. You will see the most stunning of creatures when there’s the possibility of letting it go. This is especially true in the event that you select a suitable name for what you’re looking to call it, your baby or a brand new product, the company’s slogan, so on and so forth. A strong plan, budget and a strong team are vital to the success of a brand or company. For your baby, you require a good education, training as well as healthcare.

But it’s not enough of an assertion and not universally applicable, you might think. What is it?

Absolutely no. A great name can ensure that your journey is pleasant and will help you succeed.

Every day is full of triumphs and failures for people businesses, movies, brands, etc. You see big brands collapsing despite massive support. Because of reasons that will be later discovered, large corporations may come to a sudden halt. People who are highly successful in showbiz and business experience unexpected falls. No one is responsible for the failures of people in love and marriage. You will see happy couples split up, and you’ll wonder what caused it. Numerous celebrities have enjoyed amazing success for no apparent reason. Certain films have fantastic scripts, but they fail. Excellent films can be successful despite being perfect in every department. It may appear to be cause and effect, there are certain patterns that are common to entities with lucky numbers in numerology.

The definition of destiny for each person differs. We can all agree that destiny is the opening of doors that lead you to better stages in your life. This process is continuous. For me, this is an ideal destiny for any individual as well as a brand or company.

Let me summarize. Success is assured by a good name and good plans. A not-so-good name coupled with the right attributes and plans may or may not succeed. Success implies opening of doors that are open to change.

People who are successful in their professions or other areas are not happy with their relationships in love. Are they luckier? But, I don’t believe so.

The question that we began with was how do I manage my destiny?

In my view, it is crucial to choose a suitable name to an entity from birth, whether that be a company, brand, slogan or your baby. Even if spellings change or rearranged later, this may not be significant and might not be noticed by others , it certainly helps. Jaffar Hussain may be changed to Jaffer Hussain or Jaffar Hassein. This makes it appear to be the same. Sushmita, Sushmeeta, Sushmeeta and Sushmita are all the same names however, they are written in various ways. In numerology however, it’s an enormous shift from ‘One’ to “Ten” and the reverse.

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