Tips For Training On Blogging

You can also download the latest wordpress blog plugin and put it to your hosted domain. Personally, I would prefer this method because you control the features you want to control this way.

If you’re an absolute beginner in blogging, you should try each of the blogs will give you an idea of what blogging is and provides a fast, hassle free method to begin.

If you spend time learning the fundamentals in your blogging software program before you move on to more advanced methods, you will be more likely to retain the information you have learned, and be able to feel confident that you are able to grasp the blog world.

Making the design of my blog

It will be one of your choices with either route you take above for getting your own blog started. The easiest method to get the style you desire is to make use of The “Themes” feature in the WordPress blogs or the “Layout” feature in your account. These themes and templates already contain the code required for running your blog’s pages correctly , and come with a wide range of selection of designs and colors that can be adapted to any style or blog niche idea. Visit:-

What to include for my blog

This blog post question is two-fold. You must first decide what your blog will be about. i.e. will it be a business blog that will feature updates on your product, or perhaps it’s an affiliate marketing theme that features your top affiliate program; is it a personal blog to share your thoughts about whatever you’re feeling that day or perhaps a blog inspired by a hobby or an interest you’re interested in the subject matter.

If you’ve determined the topic of your blog about, you’ll need to create content for it (decide what content to include on your blog and in articles on the blog). It is recommended that you start with as much content as possible before even declaring your blog’s existence or trying to drive the word out about it. Content can be articles written by you, articles you hire others to write or free content from popular online article directories, Private Label Articles (PLR) and so on. Keep the topics within the theme of your blog.

The more narrow the niche or niche within a niche where you can keep it more narrow, the greater chance you will have at success. If for instance, you’ve picked Dogs as your niche theme, picking out an important sub-niche such as “The fastest, easiest way to housebreak your dog.” is likely to attract a much more specific target audience and will have lesser competition than Dogs. The most common rule of thumb with regard to this is that the less complicated and finer focus you can keep , the more effective. Do not select dogs, then make a 1000 categories and pages about everything related to them.

How to get traffic to my blog

There are many ways to drive traffic towards your blog. It’s not that different from getting traffic to your web website. However, there are some best ways that are unique to blogs. One is making sure you study your key words prior to posting your content, and making sure that your content is rich in top keywords before including it in your blog posts. Use your primary keyword or phrase in your title within your post and also in your signature files beneath the post.

Another way of getting web-based traffic that is unique to blogs is to use a ping service like or FeedShark. WordPress blogs will notify pingomatic when you publish an update to your blog. If you are using you’ll have to sign up to an ping service like FeedBurner.

The third technique for traffic, that is specific to blogs is using the comment feature for blogs with a similar theme to your blog. By posting relevant comments and linking your URL to your blog will increase your website’s traffic dramatically. It is important to adhere to proper etiquette when you are doing this. Don’t just post to see if you can get the link back to you. It’s unprofessional and definitely will not help in bringing more traffic to your blog.

How can I make money from my blog

There are numerous ways to monetize your blog like adding your own banners and links to affiliate programs, selling advertising on your blog and so on. But one of the simplest is to add AdSense (TM) AdSense ad units. Many templates and themes have been created around adding as many AdSense ad units as you can.

You will also find specialized links on sites such as Amazon which, as an affiliate they provide you with blog related linking tools like search forms, product clouds and so on.

There’s even a plug-in module that allows you to add topic-specific products from the Clickbank directory. (More on that below.)

Personal blogs too can discover similar products that they can link to. Everybody is interested in something and usually that is the reason why people purchase various items. So why not offer those products that you are confident that people who are interested in your field might want to purchase?

What setting should my blog’s blog’s blog’s options include?

The options you decide to choose for the biggest of the time will be based on your own preferences. However, after running a few blogs you will discover that there are settings to set in a certain way to protect your blog from outside intrusion. The most crucial setting you should adjust is to ensure the “Membership:” in Options/General settings is set to “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”. This will protect you from being contacted by SPAM comments from all over the Internet. If you decide not to have members register. In the first instance, you’ll want to make sure that you set the “Before a comment appears:” in the Options/Discussion settings setting to “An administrator must always approve the comment” so you can determine what content is posted before it is.

The plugins necessary

This will be mostly decided by your own preference. One highly recommended plugin would be to use the Akismet plugin which checks you comments with the Akismet web service to determine if they look like spam . If not, then they aren’t. The plugin stops almost all spammed comments.

Then to further help towards increasing the revenue of your blog, an ideal plugin is aLinks, A useful plug-in which automatically links keywords within your blog posts to any URL you want or even specific products from well-known affiliate programs like Amazon and Clickbank.

How you use them are different for free blog than one that is hosted on your own website. If you’ve got your own WordPress blog software installed you can easily download and install any plugins listed in their database at:


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